Mie KJ & Sate Babi Gloria – Legendary Noodle & Pork Satay!

In the northern part of Surabaya, there is a very famous noodle warung called Mie Kembang Jepun, or often affectionately called “Mie KJ” by locals. This culinary business has been standing strong since 1960! In my opinion, no bowl of noodle in Surabaya can beat the taste of the noodle in this place. It’s quite pricey (around IDR 30000/bowl), but the portion is humongous, and the flavor is top-notch.

We ordered some bowls so we could share. They were mie ayam jamur (shiitake mushroom & chicken noodle) – my favorite, kan pan mie (salty bbq pork noodle with peanut sauce), and mie ayam (chicken noodle). They also had wedang angsle, which is traditional hot Javanese sweet soup consists of bread, mung bean, mutiara (sago pearl), sticky rice, and coconut milk.

Mie ayam jamur (Chicken mushroom noodle)


Clockwise from top left: mie ayam jamur; kan pan mie; mie ayam; wedang angsle

Exactly right next to Mie KJ, there is a small stall called Sate Babi Gloria that sells pork satay. You can order the satays here while eating at Mie KJ.

We first ordered a portion of 5, which quickly turns out to be a huge mistake – we should’ve ordered more! The satay was so juicy, the meat was succulent, and it soaked up the marinade so well that when you bite it, the flavor just bursts in your mouth. You can taste the kecap manis, garlic, and coriander seeds dancing in your tongue. With this, my bf has found his new favorite food in Surabaya.

I can easily say that it is the best pork satay in Surabaya.

Pork satay, served with sliced chilies, shallots, and lime wedge

My sister is a loyal customer to this stall. She even knows the auntie hahaha… Sadly though, she said that none of her children wanted to continue the business – a problem with generation nowadays. This means that when she retires, this stall may not be around anymore.

Thus, if you ever wander to the area, please do visit this humble eatery to help preserving one of Surabaya’s culinary heritage!


Mie KJ & Sate Babi Gloria

Jl. Kembang Jepun (Across Bank Danamon)

Surabaya, Indonesia

Opening hours: 17.30-21.30 everyday, Thu closed

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