Making seaweed soap in Paje village, Zanzibar

If you are obsessed with food and travel, then we have found each other!

Born and raised in Indonesia, I made my decision to move to The Netherlands in 2011 after spending an exchange semester in Japan.

Food has been my passion ever since my childhood. One of my fondest food memories is making hundreds of beef empanadas with my twin sister and selling them at our school bazaar when we were 13 years old. They were sold out within a few hours! I like cooking and experimenting with my food as much as I enjoy eating out. I LOVE ice cream, anything spicy,  dumplings, and coconut. I can literally eat all of them in turn all day long🤭

When it comes to travelling, I have an abnormally long list of places to see and things to do. Every year I always try to pack my suitcase (or backpack) and embark on two or more journeys to faraway lands. I enjoy trekking in the jungle, navigating through traditional markets, sampling local food, and just getting lost in the sense of curiosity and unfamiliarity, really.

Every food and travel review that you see here are based on my own experience. If you want to share my photos and articles, please credit me and link back to my blog.

Finally, this blog is just a memoir of the travel & culinary adventure of this one particularly peculiar child of the tropics. I hope you enjoy it!

Sabbie 👩🏻