The mission of this Central Java trip was only one; to eat as much as possible! My family is the
Galabo is a street food court where you can find many Solo’s famous food vendors selling at the same spot.
If you like antiques and vintage curios like me, you have to go to Triwindu market. Located in Solo, Central
In the northern part of Surabaya, there is a very famous noodle warung called Mie Kembang Jepun, or often affectionately
When I was a kid, I often bought street food snacks around my school. My mom often scolded me for
On Diponegoro street, Surabaya, there is a stall that sells rujak sayur asin. Rujak is an Indonesian version of salad.
When we visited the old town of Surabaya, we also went to the Arab Quarter. It’s just on the opposite
I used to dislike going to the northern part of Surabaya. That area has many slums, and many buildings look
If you have Indonesian friends that live abroad, and you travel to Indonesia with them - awesome! It means that