Serombotan is a salad dish from Bali, specifically Klungkung region. It is made from local vegetables such as winged beans,
I had a first taste of nasi tim when I was traveling to Semarang for the first time with my
Pangsit means wonton; mie ayam means chicken noodle; and jamur means mushroom. Thus, you get the idea what this dish
After we ate at Lumpia Semarang at Gang Lombok, we went eating for lunch at Pujasera Tay Kak Sie -
When we were in Semarang, we visited one of the famous markets there, Pasar Gang Baru. It is located in
If you go to Semarang, of course it’s incomplete if you don’t eat lumpia Semarang.  The most famous lumpia vendor
This recipe is adapted from the cookbook of Yogyakarta's royal family. I asked my mom to send the recipes to
We lunched today at Depot 369. This 50-year-old restaurant is a specialist in Shanghai style food. We ordered our favorite
The royal family of Yogyakarta is apparently also into food. About 15 years ago, the daughter-in-law of the 9th Sultan
When I was in Yogyakarta, I got badly ill. I think my stomach was not used to Indonesian bacteria anymore